Before planning your next fundraiser carwash consider this…

While “parking lot” carwash fundraisers seem like a really great way to earn dollars for your organization, they are an environmentally unfriendly choice to make. Most of the water used is wasted as it flows into storm drains which are intended for rainwater only. This carwash water is contaminated with oil, gas, rust and brake dust as it flows untreated into rivers and the environment.

At Tumwater Auto Spa, approximately 85% of the carwash water is reclaimed and treated on site. Only a small amount is not reclaimed for use on the site; however, this treated water is sent to the local sanitary sewer for further treatment before it is used again. The carwash water at Tumwater Auto Spa never makes it untreated into our local environment which makes it an environmentally friendly choice for your next carwash fundraiser!

Tumwater Auto Spa will help make your next “carwash” fundraiser successful.

If you need more information or are interested in having a Tumwater Auto Spa Fundraiser, please contact Denise at 360-791-3095 or Mikel at 360-943-9096. We look forward to working with your organization during its next fundraising opportunity! Qualifying organizations include churches, schools and non-profits.